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After an unusual summer where faculty and staff spent countless hours in meetings planning and preparing for in-person learning, on Monday, September 1st, we were thrilled to welcome our students back to our transformed campus. With tents erected across the school’s grounds, to some of you it may have looked like you’d arrived at a circus instead of school! This little video introduces our faculty and staff, and will give you a glimpse into our first day back.

Welcome Back to Hawthorne Valley School!

Welcome Back to Hawthorne Valley School!

On Tuesday, September 1st, we welcomed our beloved students back to campus! To learn about drop off & pick up times, health & safety protocols, and more, please click the photo above.

A Year-in-Review

A Year-in-Review

This academic year at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School is one that we won’t soon forget -- indeed, it may be the most memorable school year across the globe. It has been a year that has brought us new challenges that we never thought we’d see in our lifetime. We have...

Each child’s journey is unique. As Waldorf educators, we strive to impact their journeys in ways that are both powerful and lifelong. How can we best connect children to their natural and wondrous abilities? How can we foster an environment fertile enough to spark their highest sense of purpose? When we allow them to have wonder it’s a gift, and it’s a seed that is planted in them that will grow into adulthood.  And, if we can do this, if we can plant the seeds of joy, and love, and gratitude through our teaching and through our support, then we are giving the child a gift for their future.

Katie Demers

Early Childhood Teacher

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