Students working on surveying projectThe week of October 23-27, the 10th Grade took part in a week-long surveying project – a traditional part of the 10th Grade Trigonometry and Surveying main lesson at Hawthorne Valley. Over the course of this project, the students worked across the road on the farm – both as members of teams, and then as individuals – when they each constructed maps based on their measurements. Using the Forge building as their field office, they surveyed the area behind the Creamery known as the Dairy Field.

In their work they not only get to experience working with traditional surveyor’s transits and tape measures to make their measurements, but they also employ trigonometry as a tool to calculate distances and angles that are not otherwise easily measured. While the teacher sets the goals of the project, the real guiding authority for the students lies in the lawfulness of geometry and mathematics which leads them to bring their measurements into alignment.