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Aloha e ka ‘ohana o Haleakalā Waldorf School,

The fires that tore across Maui the night of Tuesday, August 8, were devastating. You have all seen footage of the fires that burned the historic town of Lahaina to the ground, but the very same night fires were also raging in Kula close to where I live. The emergency alert went off every 30 minutes listing more and more neighborhoods that needed to be evacuated. The timing of the fires was really surreal as we had just had our first day of high school the day before. We couldn’t return to school until the following week because power lines were down and water had been diverted to deal with fire prevention.

When we finally returned to high school the following week, the juniors and seniors at Haleakala Waldorf School met to discuss how we could best serve our island community. We reached out to many organizations and one of them which replied was Maui Humane Society. They needed lots of volunteers because so many pets had been separated from their owners during the fires. For two weeks, instead of attending Main Lesson all upperclassmen have worked to be part of the relief efforts. We have cooked chili & rice and delivered it to the firefighters who have been working for weeks to contain the upcountry fires — which are still not completely out.

Other groups of high school students have been working to pack up hygiene kits (with things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, and deodorant) to be delivered to families who lost their homes and are staying in temporary accommodation.

I think the main thing I would want to share with the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School community is that when a natural disaster first happens it gets a lot of attention for a short amount of time and then everyone forgets about it in just a few weeks. But it’s going to be a really long time before anything can return to normal here. The children and teens in Lahaina lost their homes, their schools, and their community. I hope that Waldorf High Schools all over America can join us in helping our local communities to heal and rebuild.

Mirabai D’Gama, current Grade 11 student at Haleakala Waldorf School

From Haleakala Waldorf School:

At this devastating time, we send our heartfelt aloha to the island of Maui, to all its residents, and to everyone impacted by the recent horrific wildfire tragedies. We are grieving with all who are suffering during this difficult time, and yet the outpouring of people coming together to support, kōkua, and offer comfort has been both inspiring and healing. There are many opportunities to assist: by donating funds, food, and supplies; by lending a helping hand; by being a good friend; and by praying in earnest for those in need. We are confident that you will find ways to express aloha and offer a compassionate response. Here are a few resources should it be helpful to you.
Please reach out to us if we can offer you additional support.
Me ke aloha pumehana, a me ka ha’aha’a,
HWS Faculty and Staff

Haleakalā Waldorf School Maui Wildfires Assistance Fund

Although the ramifications of the Maui County wildfires are still unfolding, one thing remains certain: the need for education services on our island has never been greater. In the wake of this disaster, there is a clear need in the community for financial assistance to support students affected by the fires in continuing to pursue educational opportunities. In response, Haleakalā Waldorf School has established the Maui Wildfires Assistance Fund to help members of our school and island community during this time of crisis. This fund is intended to provide direct assistance for students who have been impacted by the wildfires. Every contribution will help prevent profoundly negative consequences for these families. Please join us in supporting this effort.