All School Learning Goals

Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School is committed to experiential learning. Our curriculum has been created to inspire students to take an active role in their education. It is our intention that our students have the opportunity to:

Self Knowledge

  • Engage in practices supporting physical health and emotional well being
  • Recognize and honor personal strengths and challenges
  • Develop capacities for inner reflection and individual integrity


Imagination and Creative Intelligence

  • Connect with sources of inspiration
  • Explore creative expression in a variety of disciplines
  • Apply imagination to produce original ideas that address practical life problems


Critical Thinking and Reasoning

  • Engage the intellect in traditional academic disciplines
  • Practice the fundamentals of logic and critical thinking
  • Practice objective observation of world phenomena
  • Immerse fully in both experiential learning and traditional academic study


Social Competence

  • Develop the skills of communication, collaboration, and cooperation with peers and adults
  • Acquire proficiency in maintaining individual identity and adapting as needed when working in a group
  • Respect diversity and navigate multicultural interactions with empathy
  • Engage in service to the community and world
Practical Life Skills

  • Take initiative in developing strategies to achieve personal goals
  • Take responsibility for one’s own words and actions
  • Practice sustainable and regenerative life skills
  • Cultivate resiliency to meet the challenges in life