COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Community Support Plan


We recognize the COVID-19 crisis has impacted our community in many ways.  Our daily rhythms of coming to campus have been disrupted, our concerns about the health of our family and friends are heightened, and for many, financial security and employment may be in question.


At Hawthorne Valley School we are committed to supporting our families in an equitable way during this anticipated period of upheaval. Because of this, we are offering emergency funding. These funds are separate from, and in addition to, those offered annually through our Tuition Adjustment Program, and are intended to meet short-term periods of hardship resulting from the economic repercussions of COVID-19.


Please contact for information regarding emergency funding and supplementary questions.  All tuition adjustment requests and emergency funding requests must be received by June 15.


COVID-19 Messages


Contingency Planning for 2020-21

June 17 & 18


School Nurse

May 19 –

May 7 –

May 1 –

April 24 –

April 16 –

April 7 –

April 2 –

March 24 –

March 20 – (social distance advisory)

March 12 –

March 6 –

March 1 –


School Director

May 1 – (extended school closure)

April 17 – (extended school closure)

April 6 – (extended school closure)

March 29 –

March 27 – (extended school closure)

March 17 – (extended school closure)

March 13 – (initial school closure)




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