Mission and Philosophy


Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School (HVS) nurtures the artistic, academic, physical, and moral development of the growing child through an age appropriate curriculum inspired by philosopher and educator Rudolf Steiner. At Hawthorne Valley, we strive to create a healthy and balanced learning environment where children build living connections to the natural world while cultivating social responsibility, personal excellence, and the practical capacities to meet the challenges of the future.

At Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School, we enjoy a 900-acre campus surrounded by the cultivated fields, gardens, and forests of Hawthorne Valley Farm, an active Biodynamic farm. The beauty of tended nature and the seasons of farm life provide exceptional educational resources built into the founding ideals of Hawthorne Valley. It is a vibrant place to learn and grow.

Real, hands-on learning experiences enhance the already rich Waldorf curriculum with practical lessons drawn directly from life. Daily education of the will, integrated with artistic creativity, draws on the natural resources of our unique learning environment.

Educational research continues at Hawthorne Valley’s Farmscape Ecology ProgramCenter for Social Research, and other initiatives, helping to cultivate reverence for life, a respect for the earth, practical skills, and power of initiative through firsthand scientific, artistic, and work experiences. All of this is enhanced through an intimate connection with the life of the Valley.


One of the things I love about Hawthorne Valley is, what they teach. I love the fact that there is time for art, time for music, time for outside play. Childhood should, in fact, be a magical time. And a spacious time. A time where kids should run and play and turnover rocks and look at bugs and dig their hands into the dirt.
I love that my children are learning academics in such innovative ways: gaining a deep understanding of geometry with a class building project; or fractions through baking; or an astronomy block capped off by a camp out in which they take turns mapping the night sky and drawing the constellations.
It’s a magical place to be a student.
~ Christina Lowery, HVS Parent