Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School offers students a Waldorf curriculum from early childhood through Grade 12. Each year’s curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs of the developing child or young adult.

The Early Childhood Program offers opportunities serving families with children ages 8 months to 6 years. The Lower School, grades 1 through 5, begins the 8 year “journey” through the curriculum under the guidance of a Class teacher who carries the students into and through the Middle School years (grades 6 through 8) where skills are strengthened and opportunities for more in-depth study are increased in preparation for High School. In the High School the curriculum is structured in a block system, which each block being taught by an individual with mastery in the field. The students are given individual faculty advisors who guide, instruct, and support these young men and women from Grade 9 until graduation in Grade 12.

The curriculum is highly interdisciplinary, blending academics with lessons in the fine and practical arts, nature and farm-based activities, class trips, and more.