Crickets on the Hearth

Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School’s Home Learning Support Program

for children ages 4 to 6 years old

child holding star ball

September is a time of new school beginnings. Welcome to Crickets on the Hearth!

Our home learning support curriculum is designed for parents to utilize as family schedules and rhythms allow. It is our goal that “Cricket Friends” maintain a relationship with our Early Childhood teachers and community through a weekly in-person tutorial visit.* At this visit, families may choose to come alone or with another home learning family in order to support the children’s social experience. Children will be tutored by the teacher leading the class that the child would have been placed in had they come to in-person schooling. Thus, should circumstances that led to the decision of home support learning change, and the family wish to enroll their child in-person, the relationship with the child’s teacher has already begun. The change to in-person schooling will be determined upon spaces available in the class.

Our weekly tutorial visit will include circle songs, poems, games, a watercolor session, and nature exploration in Hawthorne Valley’s forest, farm, fields, and waterways. Weekly art and craft materials will be given to the family at the end of each tutorial visit.

*Should your child be unable to come to our weekly in-person tutorial, please contact Janene Ping to arrange an alternative support for the child.

Because the journey through the year is such an important aspect of our early childhood learning, immersion in nature, observation of the changing of the seasons, the activity of animals and creatures around us, and festivals are an important part of our Cricket on the Hearth curriculum. Necessary for this focus is the creation of a Nature Table in your home. Details of how to create this Nature Table will be given at our first tutorial time. Each Cricket-student will receive a Little Star Child puppet friend who can live on the nature table when not being played with. It is our hope that throughout our learning journey together the Nature Table will become an active centering place where the joy of learning through the seasons is reflected.

Monthly Curriculum

Each month, we will feature a special festival focus for families. Some of our festivals will be held within our Early Childhood class pods, outside, for families to participate with distancing and masks in place. If this is the case, our Cricket friends will be invited to also participate in our small community events.

Twice a month, we will hold an evening parent Zoom session for parent discussion, study of child development and support for the child’s learning journey. These events are for parents only. Please do not have the children on the evening Zoom sessions.



The Crickets on the Hearth program begins on September 7. To register, contact Amy Flaum by email or 518-672-7092 x110.

Early Childhood Tuition and Fees

Tuition Aid Adjustments will be made as applicable to awards

Crickets On the Hearth
Tuition for Home Learning Support Curriculum Model:
$4,320 for the year ($140/week)
If a family working with this model has more than one child registered, the fee applies for the family with an additional materials fee for each sibling in participation.