How to Apply

Day Students, All Grades

  1. Parents and student(s) complete application form(s) and submit it/them with a $55 application fee for each student. High school applicants must also submit three letters of recommendation: one from an English or language arts teacher, one from a math teacher, and one from a school advisor or administrator.
  2. Parents fill out and sign the Release of Records form and send it to their child’s current school as soon as possible. Acceptances cannot be finalized until school records are received. No application will be considered until any Individual Education Plan (IEP), special needs assessments, or psychological evaluations previously performed have been submitted.
  3. Faculty and Director of Admissions review application forms, school records, and, as needed, recommendations.
  4. Upon satisfactory review of all submitted materials, parents will be contacted and arrangements made for an interview and two-day classroom visit by the student. During the visit, the student may be given a math and English assessment. Also, parents will have an interview with one or more faculty members. Early Childhood applicants will be contacted by a faculty representative and scheduled for an on-campus interview and observation.
  5. Faculty and Director of Admissions review applicant’s classroom visit and all materials submitted and make an admissions decision. The family is then contacted by the Director of Admissions.
  6. Once a student is accepted for admission, a financial contract is drawn up and signed by the parents and a school representative. Families wishing to apply for Tuition Adjustment may do so upon acceptance. There is a six-week probationary period for all students. During this period, either the school or the family can terminate the contract and the financial obligation of the family is prorated according to the number of days attended. After six weeks, the parents become responsible for the full contractual amount according to the agreed upon payment schedule.