EARTH Program Admission


Students in grades 2-8 are eligible to apply to the EARTH Program.

If there are spaces available, students are eligible to apply for admission anytime during the school year.



Applications will be reviewed on a rolling and space-available basis.



To apply for the EARTH Program:



Once the online application, student’s written application, and school records are received, the school admissions director will contact parent/guardian to set up a two- to three-day classroom visit for the student — and time during that visit for a meeting with the parent/guardian and the EARTH program teachers.

After the student’s visit and the parent/guardian meeting with the teacher, the parent/guardian will be notified by the school’s admissions director of the student’s acceptance status. If the student is accepted, a start date will be established, and an enrollment agreement will be sent via email from the school’s registrar and a request for a deposit to hold the student’s space.