Hawthorne Valley School (HVS) is committed to protecting and supporting all people in our community so that they may live healthy and full lives. It is central to the school’s mission that each community member is respected, and that the school actively works to build a safe environment for all students and their families.

Immunization Requirements: As required by New York State Department of Health, HVS follows the New York State Immunization Requirements for School Entrance/Attendance (PDF), which requires all school children to be fully vaccinated, unless a medical exemption has been granted. Vaccinations are usually obtained through a child’s health care provider as part of routine health care. If that is not possible, the Columbia County Health Department (518-828-3358) will provide vaccinations on a sliding fee scale if you meet their eligibility criteria.

Medical Exemptions: If a physician licensed to practice medicine in New York State certifies that any vaccination may be detrimental to a child’s health, then a medical exemption can be requested. The New York State Medical Exemption form (PDF) must be completed to identify the specific vaccine(s) and the length of time the vaccine(s) are contraindicated. This exemption must be reviewed and re-submitted annually before the start of every school year. In the event of a vaccine preventable disease outbreak, medically exempt students will be excluded from school.

The staff, parents, and children of Hawthorne Valley thank you for your thoughtful care of the whole community. The Hawthorne Valley School Nurse and/or School Director are happy to discuss this policy further with you or connect you with local health care providers who can work with your family to establish a catch-up vaccination schedule.