Tuition Adjustment

The Tuition Adjustment application deadline is February 12, 2021 for enrollment in the 2021-2022 school year. Please go to the new SSS (School & Student Services) login page and create an account.

Enrollment in Kindergarten through Grade 12 is eligible for tuition adjustment. Parent-Child classes and Early Childhood afternoon playgroup are not eligible for an adjusted tuition.

Returning families please be aware that applications received after the tuition adjustment deadline of February 12, 2021 may not be funded at the same level as those considered earlier.

New families applying for tuition adjustment for grades 1 – 12 will be eligible for a maximum discount of 70%. This means families should be prepared to pay at least 30% of the full tuition per child. Families applying for nursery or kindergarten should be aware that there is a $4,600 minimum tuition level per child.

Applications received after June 15 may be limited to a maximum discount of 50% per child.

HVS cannot guarantee to be able to adjust a tuition to the level that is requested in an application.

Please review the detailed instructions and FAQ through the links below.


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