From your first step onto campus or into a classroom, you will see how the arts and art appreciation is integrated into the programming at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School. From color exploration and pentatonic flute in first grade, to marble carving and learning selections from Handel’s Messiah in Grade 12, the fine and practical arts play a vital and vibrant role in the curriculum and the community.

Arts in the curriculum balances and supplements academic work, providing students an opportunity to both communicate what they have learned while also expressing their individuality.

Middle School Photography Elective – Spring 2021

In Introduction to Photography, a group of middle school students learned about a number of influential photographers and techniques, and drew inspiration from our weekly lesson to create their own photographs. The work they made each week was discussed in the form of a critique. Through these thoughtful critiques, they supported each other by providing constructive criticism about their work. Some topics often discussed were the composition, lighting, color, concept, and content of their work. Each student finished this session with a beautiful portfolio of work and a greater knowledge of the principles of photography. It was a true pleasure to witness their incredible talent! Below is a sampling of their work.

~Mrs. Tolz