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Emily Dickinson was on a course of constant exploration, unsentimentally probing nature and self. Her enigmatic poems hold untold secrets. They are often elusive, always fascinating. She obviously has “something to say” to modern-day humanity. The aim of this evening

“As human beings we know ourselves only insofar as we know the world; we perceive the world only in ourselves, and ourselves only in the world. Every new object, clearly seen, opens up a new organ of perception in us.”

For the past 21 years we have worked at The Nature Institute to develop ways of knowing that allow us to experience our connectedness with the world and to gain insight into the interconnected nature of things. It is no

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Event Listing for Calendar: Dr. Tia Powell Brings Book “Dementia Reimagined” to the Chatham Bookstore, September 14, 5­­—7 p.m. Dr. Tia Powell, board certified psychiatrist, professor, and director of the Montefiore Einstein Center for Bioethics, discusses her book, “Dementia Reimagined:

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Continuing the tradition of shadow theater in Philmont, Free Columbia, the Philmont Community Center, and the Philmont Public Library are collaborating to offer a workshop for children and students of shadow theater. Working on two separate stories, groups will be