Renewing Community Capital Campaign 2022

Pavilion in Progress with construction equipment in use and underneathHELP RAISE $500,000 TO FUND THREE PROJECTS:

Lower School Playground Equipment: These past years have made it evident how valuable it is for the children to have a space to push themselves physically, develop their balance and equilibrium, and take on new challenges. A well-designed playground is an asset to social relationships, giving children a place to gather outside of the classroom. To that end, we plan to install new playground equipment in our Lower School recess field this summer.

Post-and-Beam Wooden Pavilion: This structure will cover our current basketball court and allow us to both play basketball and have a place to gather for all-school events. This project includes resurfacing the court to allow its suitability to extend to volleyball and pickleball. Importantly, having an infrastructure to support in-person outdoor gathering has been key to learning in recent years.

Replacement Bridge: Finally, we have begun plans for constructing a new bridge over our stream to replace the now closed Ben Ocean Bridge. This past year we made do with just one bridge, but anyone spending time on our campus has experienced how much we value our connection to the fields, hills, ponds, woods, and cliffs on the other side of the stream. We look forward to having a new bridge built to improve access to these resources.


Select “Renewing Community Capital Campaign” in the designation menu below to contribute to this campaign. If you prefer to donate by check, please mail your contribution to Hawthorne Valley Association, Attn: Stacy Szymaszek, 327 County Route 21C, Ghent, NY 12075, and write Bridging Community Capital Campaign on the memo line of the check. Thank you for your generosity!

Annual Fund FAQ

What is the Annual Fund?

It is a yearly appeal to our community of parents, faculty, alumni and friends to help raise funds that bridge the gap between tuition and the annual operating expenses of the school.


Why does the school ask for Annual Fund donations in addition to tuition?

Tuition alone does not cover the annual operating expenses of the school. All independent schools like ours rely on an Annual Fund to help cover operating expenses. The Annual Fund provides crucial financial support to the school, allowing HVS to offer tuition assistance to 56% of school families, helping to maintain a diverse student body.


What are the major components of the school’s annual operating budget?

About 70% of the annual operating budget goes to salaries and benefits for the HVS faculty. The balance supports facilities, administrative costs, program expenses and supplies.


Why not increase tuition?

Many variables are taken into account in setting tuition each year. Every effort is made to balance affordable tuition while sustaining our faculty and programs at the highest standards. Modest tuition increases help to make Waldorf Education accessible to as many interested families as possible.


How important is the Annual Fund?

Without a robust and growing Annual Fund, the school would not have the necessary resources to provide the Waldorf Education that draws a diverse group of families to HVS.


Why is 100% participation important?

The school’s financial strength depends upon the participation of the entire community. Your contribution generates enthusiasm and encourages others to support the school.  Parent participation is a key indicator to major donors, foundations and outside funders that the community is strong and worthy of support.


How much should I give?

All families, regardless of tuition assistance, are asked to give an amount that is meaningful to them.  Gifts range from under $50 to over $5,000. Each and every gift is valued and contributes equally towards our goal of 100% participation.


How do I give?

  • Mail a check to the Development Office, 327 County Route 21C, Ghent, NY 12075.
  • Give online:
  • Stop by the Hawthorne Valley Development Office for more information.