Early childhood through grade 12

Hawthorne Valley Association

Eileen Lee is a multicultural teacher of languages. Born in Ohio to Korean parents and raised in Pennsylvania, Eileen moved to Korea when she was eight. Having learned both English and Korean during her childhood, Eileen has a pristine accent in both languages and is completely bi-cultural. Eileen understands first hand cross cultural issues and can identify the key cultural problems for students studying English and the American way of living. She loves languages and majored in French literature at Korea University. Eileen has studied at Université Catholique d’Ouest in Angers France. She completed her Master’s in teaching English as a Second Language (MA TESOL) at SUNY Albany. Eileen taught EFL ( English as a Foreign Language) for over 10 years, and continued to teach Korean, French, and ESL in the Capital Region for over 10 years from pre-K to adult learners. She has taught students from 48 different cultures. Eileen worked as a certified NY Agent and Co- Director for Empire State English in addition to being the Academic Director for the school. As a lead presenter, Eileen has delivered over 40 workshops training the teachers in the state of NY- topics covering Pragmatics, Connecting Content to Real Life, and Strategies for Mixed Levels in an ESOL Classroom. Prior to her teaching career, Eileen spent over a decade as a commercial and fine art photographer with work published in the Wall Street Journal.