Early childhood through grade 12

Hawthorne Valley Association

Rachael Abbott is our eurythmy teacher for the Middle and High School students. A graduate of Green Meadow Waldorf School (where she was in the same class with our dear art teacher, Sara Parilli), Rachael came to the valley from Chapel Hill, NC where she had been working at Emerson Waldorf School. After experiencing eurythmy as a student, Rachael decided to pursue eurythmy training and completed a BA in basic artistic and pedagogic eurythmy training at the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart, followed by a Master’s degree in Eurythmy Pedagogy with a focus on Intercultural Education. For two years after completing her studies, Rachael worked as a member of the Else-Klink performing Ensemble in Stuttgart. Rachael has expressed her enthusiasm in “bringing the art of eurythmy to children in a form that both acknowledges their experience of the modern world in which they find themselves and strives to provide them with the foundations to meet it, in part through eurythmy’s hygienic effects, which provide a much-needed moment of inner tranquility in an increasingly hectic world.”