Early childhood through grade 12

Hawthorne Valley Association

Sylvia Nordoff was born in New York. Her parents were Paul Nordoff, the famous composer, and Sabina Zay, a Broadway eurythmist and choreographer. Sylvia showed an early interest for movement, performing eurythmy for the first time 12 at Spring Valley Auditorium. Sylvia studied at the Theater of Arts at New York University. She carried out her formal studies in eurythmy with Marjorie Spock and Sabina Nordoff of the Zucholi School of Eurythmy in Switzerland. As well, she trained in modern dance at the Martha Graham Dance School in New York City and in Flamenco with Margaret Flores in Woodstock, NY. Sylvia has spent over 25 years teaching movement to children at the kindergarten, elementary, and high school levels at the Ottowa & Parsifal Waldorf Schools, and the Santa Fe Waldorf School, to name a few. Sylvia’s goal is to bring the beneficial effects of meaningful movement into today’s challenging daily life.