Photo by Mike Pewtherer

The eighth grade class recently traveled to Moosehead Lake in Maine for a canoe expedition. Wilderness trips, like this, are built into our Middle School curriculum and serve a very important role that cannot be replicated in the classroom. Imagine 22 students and 4 guides paddling 13 canoes 34 miles over the course of 6 days – camping in different locations each night.

This is the third 8th grade class that has gone to Moosehead Lake in the fall under the leadership of Mike Pewtherer (Thank you, Mr. Pewtherer!). Because the lake itself, and the weather conditions vary so greatly from year to year, as does the character of any given class, no two trips are ever the same. Yet the trips all have the same value.
On our trip, we worked together, often against the wind, to paddle to each new location. Many challenges were encountered along the way, but in every case, the group came together to help one another – whether comforting someone who was upset, helping someone learn a more effective paddling technique, or physically portaging the canoes that were blown to shore before they could reach the point.
Despite any momentary difficulties, complaints, or raw emotions, the class and teachers all found a new inner strength and a new sense of unity. The Middle School faculty intends to continue to develop and refine this part of our curriculum by systematically building up camping and canoeing skills starting in grade 6.
Mr. Sansone, Grade 8 Advisor