Festival Planning & Volunteering

Festivals are an integral part of life here at Hawthorne Valley. The school hosts two festivals annually: the Spring Fair & May Day celebration, and the Yuletide Fair in early December. To learn more about these festivals, please visit the links. This page is dedicated to information for parents about organizing and volunteering for these two important school-based events.


Yuletide Fair

The Yuletide Fair is the school’s largest festival and takes place each winter, this year it will be held on Saturday, December 2nd. The fair engages everyone in the community – kids, teachers, parents, extended family members & friends!  It is a magical event and one of the greatest opportunities to express our individual talents and to experience the strength and unique beauty of our community. The fair also contributes significantly to the school’s fundraising efforts. Much preparation, planning and crafting goes into making the fair an outstanding event for everyone!



It Takes a Village…

The 2017 HVWS Yuletide Fair was a truly a successful day but it was no small feat and it definitely took a village to pull it together. We are grateful and humbled by all the efforts that were made by dedicated parents, students, faculty and staff. Your dedication and tireless energy truly helped make this effort worthwhile. It is with a generous heart that all of us recognize you and truly take time to thank you.

See the full letter of thanks and list of acknowledgments here: It Takes a Village