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It’s the Most Profound Question a Parent Faces:

Who do you want your child to become?


If you could travel 20 or even 50 years into the future, what would bring the most joy and peace when watching your grown-up child navigate the world?


Surely our greatest wish is that our children are happy and thriving—confident in their capabilities, finding meaningful work, holding onto a sense of wonder, and engaging fully with the world—with compassion, with curiosity, with perspective. In other words: We want our children to blossom into their true selves.

Since 1973, the mission at Hawthorne Valley School (HVS) has been to equip future generations with the tools needed to unlock their unique potential to become the fully-realized human beings they were meant to be. Drawing on a curriculum and an approach to learning first devised by Rudolf Steiner and honed for a hundred years by Waldorf schools all over the world, HVS is committed to cultivating young women and men who are adept with their hands, who are connected to their hearts, and who push their minds in new directions.

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