Among the many projects seniors work on during this final year of their high school experience, the stained glass course provides for a challenging arts project requiring honed focus. This group of seniors worked diligently to develop their original designs. They continued to work in a very mature manner on the production part of the process. Every step, from choosing opaque, streaked, or clear colored glass, to cutting and grinding, foiling the pieces, soldering them together, and finishing the final piece with a metal patina, depends on precision crafting. Every detail, every part, is equally important in creating a coherent, harmonious, beautiful whole. The first time we can hold these panels up against the window and let light stream through the glass is a very special ‘aha!’ moment.

At this point, I would also like to commend the second group of students for their flexibility as we were asked to segue into uncharted territory. Our stained glass course was interrupted by an unprecedented occurrence, the pausing of all group activities due to COVID-19. In light of this shocking event, our school swiftly moved to online teaching. Needless to say, that proves challenging when you rely on a workshop and equipment to craft something. It made sense to use our original designs but interpret them in whatever media and materials individual students were drawn, and had access to. During our first zoom session, it was exciting for all present to hear the ideas being shared. I would like to share with our community the outcome of the excellent work these students produced over the course of a month.

In addition to the stained glass panels, we present artworks created in textiles, collage, wood relief, painting, digital design, and drawing. As a teacher, it has been my great pleasure to accompany many of these students since the 6th grade. When one person teaches, two people learn!

Ms. Suter, Middle and High School Arts Teacher

Completed Stained Glass


Completed Alternative Stained Glass