The Silent Auction for Yuletide 2019 has an online website this year which is now LIVE for you to peruse and set up your account and bidding parameters for the items of your choice.

We will have a Silent Auction room this year again in the first-grade classroom.  There will be a few select items that will only be available on the day of Yuletide Fair, and therefore will not show up on the website link below.

In gratitude and appreciation of all the hard work parents, faculty and community members put into the Yuletide Fair we will close the online Auction on Sunday, December 8th at 8 pm giving those who are too busy volunteering and recuperating a little more time to have the opportunity to win their item(s) of choice.

This year we have some very unique, handcrafted items from community members, these are one of a kind artistic creations.  In addition, we have beautiful artwork, personal accessories, distant accommodations and staycations, gift baskets, many services from your favorite practitioners and more!

Thank you for shopping in support of Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School!

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