Collage of photos for our Open House featuring HVS students and our farm
Please join us Saturday, March 9

All new, current, and prospective families warmly welcomed!


9:30 am  Introduction the Rising First Grade teacher, Rachel Loshak

10:30 am  “The Wonderful Birch” a play presented by the EARTH program’s 2nd and 5th grade Eurythmy Room

11 am  Family Tea, and learn about farm and school integration Hall

12:30 pm  Walk through the grades: 1 to 8 | high school

Scene from The Snow Maiden puppet show1:30 pm  Puppet Show “The Snow Maiden” Morningstar Kindergarten theater
One winter’s night beneath the full moon, the lives of an old man and woman change forever when a little maiden made of snow comes alive! She is the answer to their prayers… but will they keep their promise of truth to her? Join us to enter the realm of this magical folktale from Russia.

2 pm  Singing presented by the Middle School Hall