The Magical Puppet Tree Theatre is pleased to bring to our Hawthorne Valley community ~ a Halloween Puppet Show, The Swan Geese. This year, our 28-year tradition of offering a marionette fairy tale performance at our community Halloween Festival takes a new twist due to pandemic precautions… The world premiere can be viewed in the link below at 12pm, noon, on October 31st 2020.

The Swan Geese is a Russian Fairytale of a young girl’s search for her lost brother… in her journey, she finds that she must be able to take in the world around her, and enter into meaningful relationship, before she can save him.

This puppetry production brings a new genre of storytelling experience – exploring dimensions of universal fairytale archetype that dance with reflections of life forces and the elements of nature. Silk marionette theatre and film artistry unite in a unique collaboration.

We are grateful for the talents of Ragnar Freidank who has filmed and edited the piece – as well as puppeteers Somer Serpe, Renannah Weinstein, Dorothea Davis, and Odin Etsy for joining in this offering. The beautiful cello music accompanying the piece is selected and played by Christine Gummere.

With gratitude,
Magical Puppet Tree founder and director, Janene Ping

Here is the video link for the upcoming Swan Geese Puppet Video. (For now it only shows the announcement, but starting Saturday at noon the very same link will show the complete video)

This work is made possible by a generous donation from Leif Garbisch and Kerry Fletcher-Garbisch.