Early childhood through grade 12

Hawthorne Valley Association
Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School main campus sign in Spring; there is a tree full of white flowers blooming behind the sign

Since infancy, you’ve nurtured your children and watched them make sense of their world. Now, you’re preparing to entrust your child to a learning environment that will host and instruct them for the majority of their waking hours. But where? At Hawthorne Valley, we recognize the magnitude of this decision.

For 50 years, we have believed that, as any good farmer or gardener knows, healthy, beautiful produce begins with the soil. Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School strives to be the fertile, nourishing soil for children to grow into their very best selves.

2024 - 2025

Parent Child Program (Per Class, Session Lengths Vary)$30
Nursery (3 Mornings Per Week)$10,550
Nursery (4 Mornings Per Week)$12,200
Nursery (5 Mornings Per Week)$13,850
Pre-K, Kindergarten / Pre Grade 1 (4 full days + Friday morning)$17,400
Grades 1-5$21,900
Grades 6-8$22,900
Grades 9-12$24,900

One Afternoon$880
Two Afternoons$1,760
Three Afternoons$2,640
Four Afternoons$3,520

Grade 3 Farm Tripincluded
Application Fee - Parent/Child$25
Application Fee - Nursery-Grade 12$55
Contract Deposit (nonrefundable)10% of tuition

Please note that tuition includes fees for after school sports and most class trips. The grade 11 and 12 trips may incur additional fees. Annual, semi-annual, and monthly payment plans are available.

Musical instrument rental or purchase and music lessons, which are required in grades 4-8, are the responsibility of the family.  Should a student need additional tutoring or counseling services these would also be additional expenses.

Tuition for students enrolling after school begins are charged according to entry date.

Enrollment in Early Childhood through Grade 12 is eligible for tuition adjustment. Parent-Child classes and Nursery afternoon rest time are not eligible for an adjusted tuition. Please go to Blackbaud Financial Aid Management to login or create an account.

Returning families

Returning families, please be aware that the application deadline for the 2024-2025 school year is January 26, 2024. Applications received after this date may not be funded at the same level as those considered earlier.

New Families

New families applying for tuition adjustment are welcome to submit an application at any time. The application will be reviewed following a student’s acceptance to the school. Please be aware that applicants for grades 1 – 12 will be eligible for a maximum discount of 65%. This means families should be prepared to pay at least 35% of the full tuition per child. Families applying for nursery or kindergarten should be aware that there is a $6,500 minimum tuition level per child.

Applications received after June 15 may be limited to a maximum discount of 50% per child.

If you have questions regarding tuition adjustment please contact the Admissions Team.

Applications received after June 15 may be limited to a maximum discount of 50% per child.

If you have questions regarding tuition adjustment please contact the Admissions Team.

Does the school offer any financial assistance for tuition?

Yes. We are committed to socio-economic diversity at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School. We strive to keep our school accessible to any family seeking a Waldorf education for their child. We offer an adjusted tuition based on common criteria including family income, assets, expenses, and any particular individual circumstances to assess need. The Tuition Adjustment (TA) application form is a separate Blackbaud account, different from the parent portal and admissions website. Please be aware that eligible applicants for Grades 1 through 12 are expected to meet a minimum 35% of the tuition costs while applicants for Nursery and Kindergarten have a flat minimum fee of $6,500.