Pavilion in Progress with construction equipment in use and underneathEarlier this year we launched the Renewing Community Capital Campaign to raise $500,000 to cover integral improvements to our school’s outdoor infrastructure. We are thrilled to say, with the support and generosity of our community, we have raised just over $250,000!




The Renewing Community Campaign emerged from the timely need to nurture the social life of children through fostering even more opportunities for communal play and gathering. Our vision laid out plans for three outdoor construction projects:

  • building a large, covered pavilion for outdoor play, events, and gatherings;
  • upgrading the school playground and purchasing new equipment; and
  • renovating an old bridge that would allow for greater access to the forest and streams our children love so much.

If you stopped by the school today, you would see brand new playground equipment selected for cognitive and physiological support, and the grandeur of the pavilion adding its new contours to the skyline.


WHAT’S NEXT? The court beneath the pavilion needs to be resurfaced, and we have yet to begin work on the bridge. If you have already given to the Renewing Community Campaign to help us complete our goals, thank you so much! The planned improvements will benefit our entire student body, now and in the years ahead.


You may give by sending a check made payable to Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School, with “Renewing Community” in the memo line to: HVS, Attn: Development Office, 330 Cty Rte 21C, Ghent, NY 12075. OR online at