Early childhood through grade 12

Hawthorne Valley Association

Contributed by Rosabel Mongan ’24

On Friday, October 13, alumni Edmund Muller visited our high school forum. Edmund works in the world of media and communications in retail. He’s currently the head of global media for Duracell. He has also worked for Wavemaker dealing with clients such as IKEA and L’Oreal Paris. He helps decide the what, where, and why a certain demographic would be attracted to a product.

Edmund is the son of Martina and Eric Müller and experienced a media-free, full-on Waldorf upbringing. He credits this with giving him the ethics and balance to discern which brands he will work with. Following his graduation, Edmund studied at SUNY Albany. He said that immediately after he left HVS, he immersed himself in the world of media, the “forbidden fruit,” but came to realize that he was missing out on real life and chose to regulate his media intake. He described himself as a very outgoing person who enjoys talking with people, another asset for his job.

The high school students really enjoyed hearing about Edmund’s life. Many questions were raised around consumerism and how Edmund feels about trying to persuade people to buy the products he represents. Edmund uses his own discretion about which brands he represents. He cited an example of a vegetarian friend who will not work for fast food companies selling meat products. It was great to hear from an alumnus who has had similar experiences as the current students have and beneficial to learn that the skills taught in a Waldorf school can translate into more mainstream jobs and be valuable in all realms.Edmund has two children who are following in his footsteps at HVS.