Early childhood through grade 12

Hawthorne Valley Association

In January, we caught up with Loghan Call, Class of 2008, and his mother Naomi Call, to learn more about their new company Audacia Elixirs, a handcrafted line of nonalcoholic elixir cocktails that are now available in the Farm Store.

While Loghan only attended HVS for kindergarten and Grade 9 before his family relocated to California, he reflected that the emphasis Waldorf education places on creating the Main Lesson books and handwriting has really helped him in his journey as an entrepreneur.

“Personal touches to our business is an important part of our brand and how we showcase our attention to detail,” Loghan says. “I don’t love being on the computer, so having the skills and background to do things by hand is something I deeply value.”

With a mother who is a certified herbalist and nutritionist, Loghan grew up conscious of the natural world and healthful eating, but he says attending a school located on a farm further instill those values. “It absolutely shaped my relationship to the closed loop system that is nature, and a true reverence for ensuring that what I create and produce is not only of quality but integrity as well.”

Those are values that Loghan has brought to Audacia, which he cofounded in 2020 with Naomi after losing his catering business during the Covid shutdown. While Naomi used her background as a certified herbalist and nutritionist to help craft shelf-stable elixirs that are healthful and delicious, she also brings entrepreneurial skills to the table.

Naomi had moved with her sons Loghan and Auston ’05 to Columbia County from Pittsburgh where she had led the Pittsburgh Waldorf Initiative and created a store to help support parents to incorporate Waldorf materials, toys, and books into their home life. She had seen the difference it made for the parent body and felt led to bring the same impulse to HVS, so Naomi partnered with fellow parent Caroline O’Neill to open Turose Gift Shoppe & School Store in the 1990s.

“It brings me great joy knowing Turose is still serving the community,” Naomi says. “I am deeply grateful to Caroline for all that she brings to Turose and the handwork at Hawthorne Valley. She has truly built a wonderful legacy.”

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