Early childhood through grade 12

Hawthorne Valley Association

Anna was born in Germany and grew up in Arlesheim, Switzerland. Both her parents are originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Anna attended various Waldorf schools from kindergarten to 12th grade in Germany and Switzerland until graduating from Kimberton Waldorf School in 2003. Anna has been living and working at The Camphill School, an AWSNA approved Waldorf School for children with intensive learning needs, for 17 years. She graduated from The Camphill Academy with a Diploma in Curative Education. She received her BA in Curative Education through Prescott College and received a Masters in Educational Leadership and her Teacher Certification in Elementary and Special Education from Immaculate University. In addition to being a curative educator in the boarding program of The Camphill School, Anna has been active as an academic support in reading and math as well as teaching the practical arts through animal / horse care and various outdoor education based programs. Furthermore, Anna uses a variety of creative methods and approaches derived from her experience as well as from the content provided by Rudolf Steiner, Karl Koenig, Audrey McAllen and others to create healing learning environments so that children can unfold their path of learning with joy and purpose. Anna carries a great love for the performing arts and crafts and tries to ensure that each lesson is consciously imbued with artistic and therapeutic elements. Anna is married to Joe Harris and together they live in Ghent, NY with their three children: Albert, Rosa and Isabella.