Early childhood through grade 12

Hawthorne Valley Association

Charlie graduated from Sunbridge College in 1999 with a Master's Degree in Waldorf Education. He subsequently taught grades 6,7 and 8 at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School; then grades 6 and 7 at Kimberton Waldorf. Then, for 10 years, he developed, co-chaired and taught the Learning For Life program, which was a university-style program at Camphill Soltane for young adults with developmental disabilities. He was a householder at Camphill Kimberton Hills for five years, where he also repaired and maintained all of the farm equipment, and taught classes in the Camphill Academy. Charlie has always worked with his hands and has always found a way to work things like mechanics, woodworking and blacksmithing into his curriculum. Through all of this, Charlie has always had his own band, played countless clubs, events and festivals, and put out two albums on a record label. Charlie is currently living in North Egremont, Massachusetts with a large extended family.