Early childhood through grade 12

Hawthorne Valley Association
Join Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School (HVS) and Jan Goeschel for "Education for the 21st Century: Creating Resonant Spaces for Embodied Learning" on Tuesday, May 30th at 7 pm in the HVS Music Room. This presentation is the first in a series brought to you by The Hickory Program – Integrated Holistic Education Support at Hawthorne Valley School. In his talk, Jan Goeschel will address some essential questions:
  • How do we create an education that addresses the needs of today?
  • What kind of inner development is needed so that we can be effective in social and cultural transformation?
  Waldorf education was born in the beginning of the 20th Century in response to the social crises of the years between the two World Wars in Central Europe. It grew out of anthroposophy, which could be described as a path of self-education for adults that also tries to address the social needs of the time. Today, we are in a different situation, globally and in our various local contexts — and yet, there are many echoes of this seemingly fragile state.

About Jan Goeschel

Headshot of Jan Goeschel.Jan Goeschel is the founding president of the Camphill Academy, a higher education and professional training organization embedded in the Camphill Movement. He is also a member of the leadership team of the Anthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. He is trained as a Waldorf and special education teacher and curative educator and holds degrees in psychology and education, as well as a PhD in special education and rehabilitation sciences.