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Hand-created poster advertising the 7th grade circus at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School that reads "7th grade circus, I Spy".The Class of 2028 performed an exhibition of circus arts on February 3rd and 4th. Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School 7th graders prepared for the circus over the past 5 months, with a fun "I Spy" theme integrated into the performance based on a shared class interest of classic spy stories. Although the 7th grade circus block took place in January, the 7th graders were learning the required skills as early as the first day of school. While they worked on learning how to juggle every morning, in study halls and English classes they were putting together the storyboard, script, soundtrack, costumes, and props. They also choreographed each routine with assistance from teachers, ensuring that each student had a chance to shine and demonstrate the skills they were diligently working on. The student stage managers took rigorous notes to keep track of the circus preparation in its entirety, too. Overall, it was a massive success; students and audience members highly enjoyed their incredible circus! Students use a long white silk to create a geometric design that they can roll and jump through. Lulu Saunders, a member of the Class of 2028, provided a personal reflection about her circus experience:
"The experience of being a seventh grader practicing the circus has been a challenging but rewarding experience. There were quite a few ups and downs, but I think our circus was better for it. The was always the issue of a rogue diablo, or an un-cooperative classmate, but there was also the fulfilling feeling of getting a better understanding of a skill. When we all figured out how to juggle, it was like we had gotten a grip of what we were really doing! We were putting on a circus that our amazing community was going to see. There were always the pre-performance nerves and doubts, but we did it, and we couldn't be more proud to say it!"
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Thank you to all who made the 7th Grade Circus a success!