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Class D Sectional Quarterfinals

The Hawthorne Valley varsity basketball team's journey this season culminated in the Class D Sectional quarterfinals in Stillwater, where their aspirations were dashed. Argyle's Brandon Saunders sank eight 3-pointers, propelling the Scots to a 73-56 victory over Hawthorne Valley. Despite the loss, Hawthorne Valley's Justin Gamiello and Oliver Towe shone brightly, contributing 22 and 18 points, respectively. With the season now behind them, Coaches Charles Towe and Jason Middlebrook are looking ahead, buoyed by the prospect of retaining most of their squad, save for the departing senior Mateo Torrego.

Coaches Towe and Middlebrook Reflect on the Season

Reflecting on the season, Coach Towe acknowledged the initial challenges the team faced, including integrating new players into the lineup. However, a sense of unity and purpose soon emerged, evidenced by a commendable mid-season performance that saw the team's record climb above .500. Highlighting individual achievements, Coach Towe praised Oliver Towe for his all-around contributions, which earned him a place among the section's top scorers, and Justin Gamiello, whose late-season surge underscored his development. Additionally, Coach Towe recognized Noah vom Stein and Fabian Gitt-Henderson for their consistent efforts, setting the stage for further progress next year. The coaching staff expressed gratitude towards the team's supporters, emphasizing the role of parents and fans in fostering a positive environment.

Coach Middlebrook extended special thanks to Miriam Harbarth, whose dedication and exemplary work ethic, following her journey from Switzerland, left an indelible mark on the team. The coaches also acknowledged the invaluable support from faculty volunteers during home games and highlighted coach Mike Copper's significant contributions to the program's development. Their heartfelt appreciation for Copper's efforts underscored the collective spirit and camaraderie that define Hawthorne Valley basketball. As the team looks to the future, the foundation laid this season, coupled with the anticipation of returning talent and the lessons learned, fuels their optimism for what lies ahead.